New Summer Collection! January 2020!

New Summer Collection! January 2020!

Hi everybody! So excited to post a new blog and update you guys! I was blessed enough to have four rounds of treatment last year. I have to say God is with me and treatments went really well I am extremely grateful.  I have a new line coming out in January. I hope you all will be as excited as I am for some New, Creative Pieces that still hold true to the Fire And Ice vibe. I will also be bringing on Amanda Rodriguez to collaborate with me. She will have a Feature Collection as well! We ar …
Dec 18th 2019
Hello Everybody! Catching Up!

Hello Everybody! Catching Up!

Hey everybody sorry it took so long for me to blog. I have been working hard on New Pieces, and in in-between, receiving my treatments and trying to become well. A big shout out to all the Fire & Ice supporters who purchased jewelry so that I could get treatment! Treatments are helping so much! I am extremely grateful for your prayers and support thru my CRPS Journey! I Mostly want to thank Everyone at The Florida Spine Institute. Dr. Hanna and his skilled and caring staff who have such dedi …
Jan 27th 2018 Wendy Swift

7 Things You Didn't Know About Handmade Jewelry

7 Things You Didn't Know About Handmade JewelryHandmade jewelry offers customization and personalization that mass-produced jewelry simply cannot do. Handcrafted jewelry tends to be associated with higher quality, as well. There’s also something special about handmade jewelry –great respect comes along with the time, thought and effort required to put together the intricacies of a truly beautiful handmade piece. But these are aspects of handcrafted jewelry that most of us already know.There is s …
Jan 27th 2018 Alfonso Gonzalez

Memories and Growth

Everybody that knows me knows that David and I used to ride.. I was looking at pictures yesterday of my old self I'm telling myself I really miss that girl. That girl that is no longer me. But one thing I can say about this disease is that you do lose your old self but you also become your new self in an order to find happiness and peace You Must Learn To Love Yourself as you are. I used to be a very pretty girl. But now the beauty I have comes from my heart which is a million times more beautif …
Apr 4th 2017 Wendy Swift
Summer Collection

Summer Collection

Last round of treatment went extremely well it is with gratitude and thanks for everyone who purchased pieces from Fire and Ice Custom Jewelry and donated for treatment. Next round of treatment starts March 21st. Living with this disease it's difficult to say the least. But I tell you my faith and family keep me going every day. I had my first setback yesterday it was discouraging but I will keep moving forward and I will never stop trying.Special thanks to Tara and Becky for working the bike …
Feb 26th 2017 Wendy Swift

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